Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So here's some exciting news I just got yesterday! I was introduced to this cool writer's retreat in Charleston, SC called Pay It Forward. It is going to be a weekend spent with several amazing authors including the likes of Kendall Grey, Danielle Allen, Ella Jade, Lacey Wolfe, and so many more. I am over the moon with excitement about being able to hang with these very cool people and hopefully get some great writing tips. And the networking sure helps when you're a budding author trying to get her name out there. But now on to the stuff that you really care about, lol.

I gots the swag!!

Yes, I have ordered a TON of new swag that I can't wait to share with you all. Until it gets in both your and my hot little hands, you'll have to be satisfied with pics. So, without further ado, swag...

(I love functional swag, but there are still those out there who love bookmarks and other paper swag)


Who doesn't love a pen? And while it's not purple (sad face, I know), its still a cool color that you don't see often. 

And the swag I'm most excited about...

Book Totes!!
These ridiculously adorable totes will be given to you FREE whenever you buy a paperback copy of Secrets of Submission! How awesome is that?

So, come see me at the Indie Romance Convention (IRC) in October in Lebanon, TN to score some super cool swag! You can register at

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